How We Operate

We provide residential as well as commercial services. Service requests typically come in through a call, or through web/email inquiry. The customer Service Relationship Manager assesses the problem, then dispatches the team according to the priority level. Typical response time is within the same day. Clients are required to pay a deposit to secure a service, however, if it is an emergency, they are billed upon completion. Immediate billing followed by payment is requested.

At each stage of the customer journey, we try our best to ensure that we do everything possible to improve your workspace hygiene for yourself, your family, your staff, and your customers. Here, we will outline the service you can expect and who you will meet along the way.


Service Request

BSE receive service requests via phone calls. However, the option of email or contacting us through our website is also available. Right from your initial inquiry, whether it be over the phone or via the web, you will be in contact with a team member who can provide the expert knowledge of the service and products we offer. The potential client explains their need or problem. The customers are prioritized on the schedule for dispatch according to the situation, based on health and safety requirements or if it is an emergency.


Team Dispatch

The Customer Service Relationship Manager then dispatches the team according to the priority level; typical response time is the same day. Our BSE representatives can suggest to clients the products that would best suit their specific situation. They can recommend clients on everything from convenient service to which of our products will prove to be the best choice for them. Whether your business is large or small, we aim to ensure you have exactly what you need – no more, no less. Our team will maintain a relationship with you throughout your contract, ensuring that you remain content with your choices and the service we provide.


Installation of Products & Payments

The next stage will be installation or activation. Everything is fitted as soon as possible or on a listed installation date if necessary. Whether you are happy to give instructions to be passed on to the engineer or you would rather be there in person to direct our team exactly where you want the installation to take place, we can adapt to your wishes. All products are installed to the highest standard, professionally and efficiently. Clients are required to pay a deposit to secure a service; however, they are billed upon completion if it is an emergency. Immediate payment of billing is requested.



Any questions or queries you may have can be passed through our team members, or we can answer your questions and connect you to the correct member of our team through our in-office Customer Service staff. We aim to provide you not only with the absolute best products but with the highest level of service to make sure that your workspace meets the lofty standards you, your staff, and your customers be worthy of.