The services Bermuda Sanitation and Engineering Ltd. provide fall under the general occupation of construction and the specialized plumbing category. This organization has carved out a niche market and provides services in the following categories:


Cleaning & Repair

Tank cleaning and repair is maintaining the holding area for potable water. It ensures that the tank water stays healthy and is not lost to cracks or any other disrepair in the holding area. The cleaning process removes any debris which will settle and create bacteria that pollutes the water


BSE has carved out a niche market of investing in the technology that allows them to approach the septic/drain cleaning business with the tools and knowledge to solve problems more economically and less intrusive than their competitors.

Cesspit Assessment

It is a process that is carried out to determine the condition of the pit and its contents. Upon completion the customer is advised how best to proceed, I.e., replacement or repair.

Cesspit Pumping

When a pit is full and requires it to be emptied so that it does not overflow or back up.

Cesspit Installation & Rebuilding

The renovation of a house or construction of a new home may require a new pit to be installed or a rebuild for a larger holding capacity.

Cesspit Cleaning Repair

Cesspit plumbing, cleaning, and repair are required to sustain an area under the earth where the wastewater from plumbing systems is disposed of and allowed to drain through the soil. These areas get full because the bio-mat gets clogged, and they no longer drain. The Bio-mat and solid waste must be removed to allow the cesspit to drain.

Portable Toilet Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance

Portable toilet servicing is removing waste and refreshing the construction site and special event toilets that are not a permanent fixture. These are removable “outhouses” sometimes referred to as “Johnny on the Spot,” that must be maintained to be functional.

Septic System & Borehole Maintenance

Septic system and borehole maintenance remove sludge and scum that builds up in the holding tanks of an onsite wastewater system. This keeps the effluent that goes into the drain field or down the borehole clean, to prevent system failure.


Plumbing and related services are installing and maintaining many diverse types of pipe systems. Plumbers also install plumbing fixtures – bathtubs, showers, sinks, toilets, and appliances such as dishwashers, heaters, and water pumps. Our services include but are not limited to:

Leak Repairs

Sewage leaks can occur at any moment, sometimes even without warning. The damage and inconvenience caused are one consequence, while health and safety hazards are the other. Sewage leakage causes serious hygiene risk, which requires priority rapid attention and effective remedial measures.

Drain Clearing

Drain clearing is the clearing of blockages in pipelines that flow by gravity. Over time, the build-up of scale, dirt, grime, and debris can begin to cause problems within your drainage systems, leading to gurgling noises, bad smells, and slow drainage flow from your sink, bath, or toilet. Cleaning your internal and external drains regularly will prevent blockages and keep your system in the best condition possible, lowering future repair and maintenance costs and eliminating health and safety concerns for residents within the property. Our expert drain cleaning contractors will use the latest techniques and equipment to flush through your system and leave it blockage-free. As a well-established drain cleaning company, BSE holds all primary industry accreditation, and we have trained our staff to the highest standards to ensure we deliver a fast, efficient, and professional drain cleaning service every time.

Water Heater Repairs

Your water heater plays a valuable role in your home, and if it stops working for any reason, everyone will notice in a hurry. Coldwater coming from your shower when it should be comforting and hot is a jolt that no one ever wants to experience. Keeping your water heater in good working condition will help to ensure you have a steady flow of hot water whenever you need it. Many hot water problems begin and end with your water heater. If the water heater is damaged, the likelihood of you getting hot water promptly is immensely reduced. Leaking around your water heater is a definite sign that your water heater needs expert repair. Another sign is if the hot water cuts in and out while using it, such as in the shower.

Sewer Repairs

The Bermuda Sanitation and Engineering company has over 30 years of experience in dealing with drainage and sewage repairs, both in domestic and commercial properties. Our team is fully qualified, insured, and dedicated to providing a second-to-none sewer repair service. Initially, our team will use CCTV to check for obstacles, such as tree roots or damaged brickwork, remove any obstructions, and assess the damage. Several repair methods are at their disposal, but sewer pipe lining and patching can be used. The method we use causes minimal disruption to homes or businesses, is very cost-effective, and is a long-term, environmentally friendly solution for any damaged sewage pipes or drains. All work uses the latest modern equipment and technology to ensure the highest quality service.

Pipe Replacement, Repair, And Upgrades:

Replacement, repair, and up-gradation of pipes (potable or wastewater) is a primary and common service provided by BSE. Replacing cast iron pipe with PVC as an upgrade or renovation is a necessary project for the maintenance of a property. Repairing holes in any point along a pipeline is both cost saving, water saving and for the benefit of maintaining health and safety standards within a home or office.

Video Inspection

Video inspection is one of the innovative services provided by BSE. Pipeline inspection provides visual proof of the proper flow or disruption of flow throughout the length of a system. One of the most common usages of a video inspection is to detect leakage in the pipe system.


Water Tank Maintenance

Bermuda Sanitation and Engineering provides water tank maintenance service. Water tanks should be maintained every 3 to 4 years for health and safety and prevention or repair of costly cracks. Tanks are drained, cleaned, and checked for cracks. Cracks are sealed with cement-based products, and the tanks are refilled. If a tank is not maintained regularly, it may quickly become a health hazard. The settling of leaves and debris will encourage worms and bacteria growth, which can be dangerous when consumed. Cracks will cause leakage of water from the tank resulting in unnecessary expense.

Cesspit Maintenance:

BSE provides cesspit maintenance. Cesspits are maintained to ensure the boreholes are not clogged and facilitate smooth flow of waste throughout the system. The process of cesspit maintenance is typically done annually. However, properties with a large waste flow require more frequent maintenance. For example, a condominium complex requires quarterly maintenance. If a cesspit is not maintained, a backup can occur, which results in the waste matter in your home or outside on your property. This is a significant health and safety hazard.

Grease Trap Maintenance

BSE provides grease trap maintenance. This is clearing the grease traps and pipes that carry grease away from a building. The services are primarily for establishments with a professional kitchen, i.e., hotels, hospitals, etc. Monthly or bi-monthly clearing is scheduled for regular maintenance during hours that do not impede the normal operations of the restaurant.


Portable Toilet Rentals. View Cabaloo Rentals

Water Holding Tanks. (For clients receiving tank services only)


Bermuda Sanitation and Engineering are equipped with some of the best technology in the industry to perform the services it offers. In addition, ancillary services are provided to support the needs of our primary services. These include:

Masonry Services

BSE provides masonry to its customers that engage services requiring the support of any mortar or concrete structures.

Painting is often an essential complimentary service offered to complete a project so that it is aesthetically pleasing.

Asphalting Services

Asphalting service is available to resurface driveways, roads, and parking lots to refine and enhance the look of pavement. Asphalting services are essential in commercial and residential areas and are often preferred paving solutions to complete a project that involved excavation.Air-

Conditioning Services

BSE offers air-conditioning services to existing clients that require this as a source of comfort and pleasure for properties that we are maintaining.

Electrical Services

Electrical support is often required in projects that we undertake, and we offer professional, qualified electricians to provide this service under our remit.